Choosing a professional to represent you, your family or your friends in the home buying or selling process is the single most important component of the process. The fact of the matter is that many consumers do not truly qualify real estate professionals when they hire them to represent their interests. We have worldwide relationships with agents across the country who have expert knowledge and provide the best service in their markets. If you, your family or your friends are buying or selling real estate anywhere, contact us first!

Though we are Realtors with Sotheby's Realty in Indianapolis we have contacts with top producing realtors across the country. If we don't personally know someone, we will search every major real estate brokerage on your behalf to find the most qualified agent to meet your buying or selling needs. The agents will be interviewed and evaluated based on:

  • Production 
  • Education/Certifications 
  • Marketing 
  • Agent and Client References  

We offer this service free of charge, if you have a friend or family member who is in need of the best real estate service in their area, email us HERE or reply to this note. We can generally track down the right person within 24 hours.

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