Activity slowed a little bit this last week as Hamilton County saw 57 homes go under contract and Marion County saw 204 homes go under contract.

Will Congress pass a bill giving all home buyers a $15,000 tax credit?  Recent word is that this bill currently waiting for vote just may have a chance at passing.  We saw what the $8,000 first time buyer tax credit did for the lower end of our housing market.  This tax credit is responsible for much of the recent improvement in the housing industry nationally.  The question is will a $15,000 tax credit for all home buyers do the same for the entire housing industry, including new home and the upper end price ranges?  Our opinion is yes and we certainly urge everyone to make contact with their representatives and urge passage of this bill.  Remember, the housing industry lead us into the current economic slump and it will lead us out.  With unemplyment numbers continuing to climb, a spike in home sales would put thousands back to work.  Not a bad idea at this time.

Have a great week